How we approach the sheet metal process?



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  • Approach the sheet metal process

    Here’s a presentation we created to show how we approach the process. We thought might be useful for contractors and industrial facility managers looking to source custom industrial ductwork.

    In essence, we follow a six-step process:

    1- Evaluate a customer’s design or assist in creating a viable design that meets a customer’s application requirements.

    2- If design work is required, provide design drawings for customer review prior to fabrication. Alternatively, produce shop drawings from customer’s design drawings and present shop drawings for approval.

    3- Once drawings are approved, confirm the production schedule.

    4- Release shop drawings to determine the following production requirements for fit-up, weld-out, and finishing.

    5- Administer in-process quality control (QC) inspections to ensure that design requirements, industry standards, and quality expectations are met and maintained.

    6- Conduct final QC inspections and prepare for shipment.

    No doubt your industrial ductwork project has its specifics, otherwise, it wouldn’t be “custom.” But we hope this outline of our process will give you some guidelines to follow.

    We’ll be happy to discuss your projects and feel confident that we’ll be able to help!


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  • Send drawing files and inquiry

    Able to import, read and use most drawing formats, we have the capability to accept drawing files in many formats, via disk, USB flash drive, upload, email or messaging app (like Telegram and WhatsApp),  including DWG, DXF, IGES, EPS, STEP, CATPART, SLDPRT, and CDR.

  • Face-to-face or distant work

    We also work with many of our customers, face-to-face or distant work.

    This investment in meeting our customers’ needs is just one of the things which set us apart from the crowd and keeps our customers coming back to us. We are always keen to assist customers, both old and new, so call us for a free design consultation or for advice and let us help you.


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