WHY LaserSpike?

Quality of production




The modernity of machines




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The speed of doing projects




Assemble precision




LaserSpike sheet metal company is a supplier of sheet metal

fabrication service. Our main Services are sheet metal fabrications,

sheet and tube laser cutting, CNC bending, welding and assembly, powder coating, iron arts, etc. We can also supply other products according to our customer’s requirements.

The company serves for both small and large workshops, municipal and architectural works, machinery, medical equipment, petroleum, and some other relating fields since 2015.


LaserSpike Sheet Metal Company mission is to offer our customers products with high precision and high quality.

With our professional staff, we can manufacture or outsource quality products. It is our policy to meet the demands of our customers to the fullest extent and establish a firm, fruitful and long lasting relationship with all of our clientele.


LaserSpike Sheet Metal Company is proud to have the world’s simplest privacy policy.

We do not sell, or give out, any information about you or your company under any circumstances, ever!


LaserSpike Sheet Metal Company has always been concerned about the environment. Some may not know it, but sheet metal can be 100% recycled.

All of our scrap metal can be melted down and re-used in new products.

Our efforts to optimize the weight of raw materials, by using the specialized layout of parts in the cutting plan and use of scrap materials for the production of new components not only reduce production costs but also conserves the precious natural resources iron ore & energy.


Visiting Bystronic Company in Switzerland | September 2016

Visiting LVD Company in Belgium | September 2016

Participation in the 11th Isfahan Smal Industries Fair | January 2017

Visiting TCI Company in Spain | July 2017

Visiting Bystronic Competence Days 2017 in Switzerland | July 2017

Visiting Bartholet Company in Switzerland | July 2017