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Cutting Time-Based Cost Calculation

Time-based calculating means that the laser cutting cost is calculated based on the cutting time by the manufacturing cost rate per one minute. The manufacturing cost rate is usually determined in terms of the machine's working hours and its overhead costs. This method is suitable especially for thicker gauge sheet in all production volumes from high to low, the price would be gained affordable.

Cutting Length-Based Cost Calculation

Length-based pricing means that the price of a laser cutting product would be calculated based on the cutting length and number of pierces.  Cost rate of cutting is calculated in square millimeters (cutting length in mm × thickness in mm) in accordance with union treaty. This method is affordable for short run. Although most customers prefer this calculating method, it does not provide a true and reliable price.


Optimized Nesting

One of the important issues in sheet cutting is how nesting parts in the blank sheet to minimize the use of raw materials and waste which results in production costs reduction. The optimized pattern of components on the sheet with the best cutting sequence can be automatically calculated to achieve the best material yield from any given sheet size and the quickest cutting path across the sheet to save time; And this is definitely in your favor.

Sheet Metalworking

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